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Carnegie Mellon - A Tradition of Technology    

Carnegie Mellon is known for the ground breaking innovations of its faculty. Students and alumni. Nobel laureate Herbert Simon and graduate Allen Newell began working with Carnegie Mellon's first computer in 1955. One year later, they laid foundation for artificial intelligence. Soon Carnegie Mellon had a computation center that would be the precursor to what is today one of the world's prominent schools of computer science.

Alumni and faculty have also built Carnegie Mellon's reputation as a leader in technology transfer. James Gosling (Ph.D. Computer Science 1983) created Java programming language. Companies founded by alumni and faculty include GALT Technology, Sun Microsystems, Redzone Robotics, FORE systems (acquired by Macroni Communications). Mastech (now iGate capital corporation), Lycos, Transarc, Wise Wire (acquired by Lycos), iVenture Labs.Com, MediaSite(formerly ISLIP Media) and Elcomp systems.

Techno Facts
US News and World Report consistently ranks Carnegie Mellon among the top universities in computer science, information technology and management information systems.

With more than 9,000 computers and workstations and world's first campus-wide wireless network, Carnegie Mellon was ranked the most computer - intensive school in the country in Yahoo! Internet Life's 2000 survey.

Carnegie Mellon is designated a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency. Carnegie Mellon's CERT Coordination Center, in operation since 1988, is the world's first and best-known computer emergency response team. More than 70 start-up companies in the Pittsburgh region have emerged from research conducted by Carnegie Mellon faculty and students in fields of computer science, software engineering and robotics.

MSIT program at CMU
MSIT-SE program
, along with MSE program, is offered by Institute for Software Research (ISR).

SSN SASE is one of their international partners for offering this program.

SSN faculty included in the list of international faculty on the CMU site.


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